Questions and Answers

Do you have cars for sale, can I see them on the website; are there photos?
Hello! If I have a car manufactured in 1992, can I obtain a loan with an authority to drive? Or will I have to leave at your parking lot?
Would you take Mercedes Benz 190.Year of manufacture 1990?
If I pledge a car to your pawnshop without an authority to drive, with the car value being 50% less, can your pawnshop buy out this car? Will the value amount be the same? This is a Nissan Prinera, YOM 1998, in good repair.
Hello! Do you issue a loan secured by a car with yellow license plate and a residence permit?
If I pledged my car for 200,000 tenge and repaid 150,000, with the outstanding balance being 50,000 tenge, can I get 175,000 tenge? my car is worth 3000.000 tenge in the car market
Please tell me how much I could get for a Nissan Primera 1998 with the authority to drive. We have already gone to other car pawnshops and they only were willing to give 100,000 tenge, as they say that this car is not worth any more. Please tell me how much you think you could lend us for a Nissan 1998, with the authority to drive.
Greetings! Is it possible to pledge a right-hand drive car or a car made in Russia?
Good afternoon! Starting from which year of manufacture do you accept cars as collateral?
What if a car is not registered in my name, I did not have time to re-register it?
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