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URGENT REPURCHASE OF VEHICLE IN ALMATYUrgent repurchase of cars implies buying out of your car at a reduced cost; the advantages of an urgent repurchase are that you do not incur any loan obligations to the vehicle pawnshop, cash or bank transfer payments for the sold car take place instantly. You save time on waiting for the buyer of your car, the costs of pre-sale preparation of your vehicle. Our experts will also help you quickly execute a transaction for purchase and sale of your car.


There are also disadvantages, along with the advantages of the urgent repurchase of cars, the main disadvantage of course is that you lose a part of the money from the car value; in this case “Alma-Ata 1” vehicle pawnshop can offer you a quick loan secured by your car at a minimum interest rate. This way you get urgent funds to meet your needs and you have the necessary time to sell your car. In this case, your losses are minimized. This is one of the main advantages of our vehicle pawnshop, the car pledged to our vehicle pawnshop can be sold at the same time, at your request, our managers can pre-sell the car and create conditions for the future buyer to see your car properly. And it is also quite possible that during this time your financial situation may improve, and the need for urgent sale of your car will no longer exist. This is what our company sincerely hopes for.

Due to many years of experience in this field, transparency of transactions is guaranteed.

Along with this, our highly qualified specialists in the financial world will help you make the right decision in the current financial situation, free of charge.

In case of any questions that are not covered herein, we will always be happy to give you the information you are interested in by phone, answer on our website, or in person at our office. Direct line phone number +7 707 736 47 74