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Рефинансирование кредита



A relevant and fairly new type of service that is rapidly gaining popularity in the consumer credit market is refinancing. This is due to the fact that this particular service makes it possible for a person to solve many credit- related problems. In fact, in simple terms, refinancing is a financial service that makes it possible to repay one loan at the expense of another that has just been arranged. Most often, this service is used in working with large loans, such as mortgages, car loans or business development loans. Refinancing is necessary in order to help the borrower repay the amount of debt in due time, on convenient and suitable terms, since over time, lending rates can vary against the borrower, who is forced to pay more.

If you have a car loan, which you arranged in a hurry, not having time to explore the entire financial market, if you are not satisfied with the conditions or the interest rate under your existing contract, you are welcome to contact us! Due to the increased consumer demand, our vehicle pawnshop offers you a refinancing service, where you will find more favorable and convenient conditions. All funds received during execution of a new car loan are transferred to the account of your existing loan, for its early repayment. So, you will receive a new contract with favorable conditions. Arriving at our pawnshop you will be met by our specialists who will spend a minimum of your time and solve all your problems.